Progressive Group based in Hamilton, New Zealand, providES equipment design & manufacture

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World of Concrete 18 - 20 January 2022 USA

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West Hall Booth W3353 Topcon Positioning Systems

Las Vegas Convention Center, USA




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  1. Progressive Equipment develops & sells tools and attachments designed to improve usability and performance.
  2. Progressive Hydraulics specialises in design, manufacture and installation of simple to complex hydraulic industrial and mobile systems.

The team at Progressive utilise our in house SolidWorks PDM and specialist hydraulic facilities to provide total solutions to a variety of clients, in the construction, energy, forestry, recycling and manufacturing industries throughout New Zealand and overseas.

With a strong commitment to environmental sustainability, Progressive Group is guided by a philosophy of ‘simply elegant and elegantly simple’.

Progressive Group’s innovative solutions focus on simple, low maintenance and energy efficient products including the award winning WoodWeta wood hogger and green waste shredder, SharpGrade Leveller, SharpBlade Box Blade, SharpGradeX Precision Excavator Grader, SharpGrade Grader Blade, QuadGrade 2D machine control system, ScapeRake power rake, MultiGrab, Katipo tilt quick hitch and Extraks sprocket drive.

With innovative products continuously in development, Progressive Group helps you do more with less, without compromising quality, giving you a competitive edge.